be limited at

be limited to的意思是:限于;被限制在…上 limited 读法 英 ['lmtd] 美 ['lmtd] 作形容词的意思是:有限的 作形容词的意思是:高级快车 短语:1、company limited by shares 股份有限公司2、private limited company 私人有限公司3、

be delighted at 很高兴在 例句:1.Faraj, a 50-year-old saudi arabian businessman, was said to be delighted at the buyout, after he had first attempted to buy the club in august. 现年50岁的法拉吉是一位沙特商人,在八月就尝试收购朴茨茅斯,据说他在买下俱乐部后显得十分开心.祝你英语学习成功!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 如有疑问请继续追问,望采纳,谢谢,您的采纳是我的力量!

be limited to 被限制在…上双语例句 1.It also helps reduce complexity as the remote, asynchronous calls can be limited to key parts of an application. 它还有助于减少复杂性,因为远程、异步调用可以被限制在应用的关键部分.2.Even if Spain

be limited in 在某方面有限 be limited to 被局限到程度


be surprised at是对…感到惊奇;使…感到意外;对……很吃惊的意思. be surprised at[bi: sprazd t] 对…感到惊奇;使…感到意外;对……很吃惊 短语

你好,很高兴为你解答,希望帮到你be experienced at对…有经验 at指对象 be experienced at+sth(n)/doing sth(v) He is very experienced at mending cars.他修车很有经验.be experienced in 在……有经验 in通常指某个领域,方面be experienced in+doing sthAn executive should be experienced in administration.一个管理者应有行政管理的经验.二者大体上意思差不多,没有太严格的区别

对某事生气 有个更长的,be angry with sb at sth, with后面接人,at后面接事. be angry at+名词(对气愤); be angry with+某人(生某人的气); be angry about+名词或名词化的动名词(对感到气愤). angry at sth.与angry about sth.的区别: angry at指在事情发生时很气愤;而angry about则指在事情发生后已一段时间仍很气愤. be (get) angry with sb. 生某人的气.

surprise vt. 使惊奇,使吃惊 n. 惊奇 suprised是surprise的形容词形式1. 用作动词,通常是及物动词,注意以下用法:(1) 通常以“人”作宾语:The news greatly surprised us. 这消息使我们大为惊奇./ What surprised me was that he

be amazed at与be surprised at的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1、be amazed at:对…感到惊讶.2、be surprised at:对…惊讶.二、用法不同1、be amazed at:amaze的基本意思是“使大为吃惊,使惊奇”,指作


be limited to 后跟
be limited to后面跟
be limited by
be limited短语
be limited to用法
be limited搭配
be limited in
be available to
at the top of
limit sb to do
be described by
limit to用法
at present
at the bottom of
limit to doing还是do
be described as
in the form of