be limited by

be limited to的意思是:限于;被限制在…上 limited 读法 英 ['lmtd] 美 ['lmtd] 作形容词的意思是:有限的 作形容词的意思是:高级快车 短语:1、company limited by shares 股份有限公司2、private limited company 私人有限公司3、

翻译:局限于仅限于例句:It also helps reduce complexity as the remote, asynchronous calls can be limited to key parts of an application.它还有助于减少复杂性,因为远程、异步调用可以被限制在应用的关键部Check in with her --

不要被教条所限,不要被别人的意见左右自己内心的声音.Don't be trapped by dogma -which is living with the results of other people's thinking

受限于:be limited by仅限于:be limited in

被动语态.例句:Vendors to Be Limited to 1 Pushcart Permit供应商被限制只能使用手推车许可证.limited也可以是形容词,如limited resources有限的资源.要想判断是形容词,还是被动词态,可以看其前后是些什么词,如果limited后面是一个名词,那么它毕然是一个形容词,因为形容词后面可以接名词,这跟中文是一样的.不知你懂了没?

be limited in 在某方面有限 be limited to 被局限到程度



56.音乐是美妙的.当我感到疲倦有压力的时候,听音乐能帮助我放松. Music is wonderful. Listening to music will help me relax when I feel tired and have lots of pressure. 57.这出电影让我婆想起了自己美好的童年.(remindof) This movie

open endedadj.(时间,方向,数量,数学等)没有固定限度的;无限度的;可以变更的开放式;开放的;开口的例句筛选1.Learn to ask mostly open-ended questions.学习询问开放式问题.2.Surely such an open-ended offer could be limited only by our reluctance to ask.当然这样无止境的提供只会因我们不愿意去求而受限.


be limited in
be limited at
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be limited搭配
be limited to 后跟
be limited to后面跟
be limited with
be likely to
be in trouble
be described as
limit sb to do
be bound to
be followed by
be available to
limit to用法
be lasting