get the best score造句

I usually get the best score in every match.我通常在每次比赛中得到最好的分数.

get your homework finished quickly

I usually get the best score at match填空填Does

你好,同学答案:You can choose PE monitor for me and get the best score too.翻译:你也可以为我选择体育监测仪并且取得最好的成绩.希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问,可以详谈嘛(*^__^*)

There are many kinds of language,such as Enflishi,Frech and Chinese. We are busy in studying these days. She takes part in the party. Peopel move from the place to place because of the war. The train gets through a tunnel. You shoundn't go out


1.Don't go back home unless you work it out.除非你做出来,不然别回家. 2.She was regarded as the greatest woman in that time.她被认为是那个时代最伟大的女性. 3.It's your duty to clean the room.打扫房间是你的责任. 4.You will get it easily.你会轻易地得到它. 5.Don't lose your heart.不要失去信心.

答案:You can choose PE monitor for me and get the best score too.翻译:你也可以为我选择体育监测仪并且取得最好的成绩.有不明白的请继续追问,

He was brought up by his grandma.I'll get off at the next stop.He had to stop to find out what happened.It's not the worst choice you've made.You look much better now.I agree with you.

how is the traffic in the city/


do cleaning造句
make certain造句
be kind to sb造句
be sure造句简单点
the start of造句
each other造句
be sure造句
between and造句
just like造句
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arrive at造句
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