disappointed in什么意思

be disappointed in英 [ bi: dspntd in ] 美 [ bi dspntd n ]对…失望例句:1.People struggling for chance in film industry will be disappointed.在电影行业寻求机会的人们将会失望.2.Courtesan: Come on in! You won't

1、表示对某人感到失望,通常用介词 in,即be disappointed in sb.I'm disappointed in you─I really thought I could trust you!你真让我失望我原以为可以相信你的!2、表示对某一行为感到失望,通常用介词 at,即be disappointed at doing

disappointed [英][dspntd][美][dspntd] adj.失望的; 沮丧的,失意的; v.使(人)失望( disappoint的过去式和过去分词); 使破灭,使落空; 比较级:more disappointed 最高级:most disappointed 例句: 1.I'm very disappointed in you. 我真是对你太失望了. 2.You think you're disappointed? 你觉得失望了吗?

sth be disappointed in sb/:be disappointed with sb/我对你失望死了 对某人某事失望;sth 对某事失望

disappointed 形容词 adj.1.失望的 We were disappointed.我们失望了.He was disappointed at the result.他对这样的结果感到失望.I was completely disappointed to hear that.听到那个消息后我彻底失望了.We were disappointed that they could not learn the lesson of history.他们没能吸取历史的教训, 使我们感到很失望.2.沮丧的;失意的

I'm disappointed in you:我对你感到失望

我对你很失望! 但介词应该是at的哟而不是in啦

disappoint 失望,失信于;(希望等)破灭,挫败(计划等)be disappointed with(in,at) 对失望


disappointed意思是失望的.一、含义adj. 失望的;32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e31333433626539沮丧的;失意的. 二、用法 做动词含有使失望;使破灭;使落空等意思.I'm afraid you're very disappointed with me.


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