make a living [英][meik livi][美][mek e lv] 赚钱过活; 营生; 糊口谋生; 谋生; 例句:1.How we make a living helps determine how long we live. 一个人选择怎样的谋生之路会对自己的寿命产生重要的影响.2.Is it possible, or even desirable, to make a living as an artist in the theatre? 你认为仅仅靠当一名剧院的艺人谋生是可能甚至是理想的吗?

make a life 生活是为了让生命更精彩 make a living 赚钱谋生、养家糊口,生活就是一场苟且.

相信我,how的意思是:怎样 我们老师教的,100%正确 不像他们说的那么复杂!

我们所吃的和我们怎么生活的. 这不是个句子 只是个主语

Waiting For You(Live)-胡彦斌 作词:曾琳智 作曲:胡彦斌 金色的舞鞋 伴着音乐 Baby你的眼睛是一弯 深邃的湖水 喔忽明忽灭 掩藏不可思议的美 让我晕眩在悬崖边 谁知一

看到这本书是很偶然的.医学院的期末,总是在图书馆里度过.离开枯燥的教科书, 其实,我们每一个人,回顾我们家庭的疾病死亡时,也会被死亡丰富的姿态所震惊.

shed light on 阐明;使…清楚地显出 [网络短语] shed light on 阐明,照亮,使…被充 例句:1、The work is also expected to shed light on intriguing studies that suggest how


the internet in my life as we all know, the internet plays more and more important role in our daily life! first of all, after a whole day's hard work or study, we can sit in front of our

给你参考一下:but how但如何 --以上结果来自于百度翻译双语例句1. I bet she led him 10. It doesn't matter how long we live, but how we live. 问题不在于活多久, 而在于如


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