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In bringing up children, every parent watches eagerly the child's acquisition of each new skill-the first spoken words, the first independent steps, or the beginning of reading and writing. It is often tempting to

Bringing Up ChildrenGerald Mosback Vivienne MosbackTEXTIt is generally accepted that the experiences of the child in his first years largely determine his character and later personality. Every experience teaches the child something and the


The elderly have accumulated a lifetime's worth of experience. However, many young people often regard them as irrelevant, embarrassing, and out of touch. As far as I am concerned, the traditional Chinese virtue to respect the old people needs to

1.While in the development of economy , we must pay attention to save and prevent pollution 2. Parents must have equal responsibility to bringing up children

My parents are both interested in reading and music,and my father prefers (to read) they are in agreement on(with)bringing up children.They both believe in giving their


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