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参考如下.我梦想我的家庭里面没有争吵没有打闹, they work but never complain.这就是我的梦想:My Dream I have a dream,我希望它能实现,相反,我会为实现它而努力, instead they patiently teach me how correct them. This is my dream

Everyone has a dream. Now I want to say something about my dream. What is my dream? I often ask myself. In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream is a famous fashion designer. My dream is to be a fashion designer. Because as

我的梦想是当一位好医生,因为医生可以治很多很多的病,救很多很多的人,当医生是一个光荣的职业. 如果我真的实现梦想当上医生.我让老人身体健康、长命百岁.我让大人身体强壮、努力工作.我让小孩身体棒棒,快乐成长. 为了实现

my dream school(kaiser3344倾情奉献) the school in my dream is very beautiful.there are many flowers and trees in the garden in front of the taeching building.and the teaching building is in the south of has six floors.the second floor is

My Dream Home I'm in a single-parent families,so I am long for a home which is full of love and happiness.Even though i now live in a big house that my mom struggled for 5 years.I still feel that i am not happy . I can't go back home and ask my father

my dream job although we are students now, i believe every student can speak out his or her dream job in the future. my dream job is to be a good english teacher.i will take care of my students and help them to solve any problem about english lesson

ann love mathematics. she is good at calculation. in 15 years. ann will be tall and slim. her height is 180cm. her weight is50 kg. she will become very beautiful. she will be working in a bank.

My room This is my room.It's a nice room.There is a window in the wall,and a bed next to the window.My desk is between my bookcase and my bed.There are a lot of books in the bookcase.A lamp is on the desk.There are some pictures on the

My dream jobIf I could do anything, what should I do? Everyone has his/her own answer, so do I. 、My dream job is to be a baker. And I really want to have my own bakery.I like all the sweet and beautiful things. Especially the food. In my heart, Cakes

答案是: my dream I want to be an actress when I grow up ,first I am going to study really hard both at home and at achool ,and I am going to take acting lessons ,maybe I will go to a famous artist college and get enough acting skills ,if I become a


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