My english teacher is my favourite teacher .She is very important to me.As other people ,she is very common but she is considerate.When I fail in the exam,she willcomform me.When I get success she will congraduate me and share the happiness

My favorite teacher My favorite teacher are my English teacher,math teacher and my Chinese teacher.My English teacher is very young,my math teacher is very young,too.My English teacher is Miss Huang.S

my favorite teacherthe teacher i like best is a chinese teacher.she is a gentle teacher,although sometimes she is tough but i still love her.she is very beautiful,hair is golden yellow,the skin is very white,the chest is also great.will inevitably be don't love

My Favorite English Teacher Everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do I. My favourite teacher is Miss Wei, our English teacher. We felt English very difficuit when we began to study English. Miss Wei had a good idea to solve the problem. One day,

my favorite teacher is miss wang. she is a english teacher. she is really a wonderful teacher. she is beautiful and admirable. she know a lot of knowledge. but she is strict with us. i like her very much.我最喜欢的老师是王老师.她是一位英语老师.她真的是个好老师.她很美丽、令人钦佩.她懂很多知识.但她对我们很严格.我很喜欢她.


mr.lee is my favorite teacher.he is a tall man with black hair,black eyes and a big mouth.he is kind to me and he always helps me with my study classmates also love him very much.he is never angry with his students even they have done

everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do i. my favourite teacher is miss wei, our english teacher. we felt english very difficuit when we began to study english. miss wei had a good idea to solve the problem. one day, miss wei came into the classroom

My Favorite Teacher There have been many people who have influenced me and those who have set great examples in my life. Many of those people were teachers that I have had from Kindergarten to the present time. If I had to choose one who has

没有错误Miss is my favourite teacher and she teaches us English. She has been a teacher for more than twelve years old. She is in her late thirties. She is slim with long black hair. She is kind,friendly and generous. She can always make her class


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