I have a pen pal.His name is Tom.He is from England.He is 12.His birthday is on May 15th.He likes playing basketball.He like YaoMing best.He thinks YaoMing is exellent.He

my hobbiesdifferent people have different hobbies. such as sailing, climbing and mountain biking. but my hobbies are swimming and painting.i timided when i was a children. so my parents wanted me to swim. after that, i'm very like swimming. i

答案:My pen pal,how are you?I am from China,red,and I like singing and dancing,just had finished Christmas abroad,I think this festival is very interesting.I want to tell you this holiday with us is

i have a penfriend. she is a beautiful girl. i know her on the internet. soon after that, we become good friends with each other. she is an outgoing person and always keeps happy. besides, she is helpful. when i am in trouble, he will come to help me and solve the problem. thanks to her, i am also happy now.

I have an American pen friend.We met on the MSN.She teaches me how to speak English,while i teach her Chinese.We are happy to talk with each other.

Dear Andy lewis, have you been? 亲爱的安迪刘易斯,你好.你过的怎么 Firstly,please allow me to introduce myself.I am LiPing and i have a happy life with my

Tian Ge is my pen pal. He is 16 years old. He has a happy family.His father is a policeman.His mother is a doctor and she works in a hospital.He is studying the No.1 middle school of Qingdao,now.He is a good student.He studies Chinese,math,

Hi,my name is Wang Lin.I'm twelve.I come from Zhejiang,China.I can speak Chinese and a little English .My birthday is October 31st.My favorite sport is basketball ,and I often play basketball with my friends after school.My favorite subject is music,

There are three people in my family. They are my father,my mother and me. My father always play basketball with me in basketball field. My mother often go shopping with me. Our family are very happy.

my friend:i have a specail friend, he has short stubby hair, his eyes are black as coal. he also has a mouth that says very good things about people. evreyone likes him very much. but i am his best friend.we always play together after school, and talk


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