Four Seasons Every year has four seasons. In spring the weather is warm. It rains a lot, because it is a rainy season. After the rain, you can see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The trees are green and the flowers are beautiful everywhere. In summer

My favorite season is winter.Because i always feel magical when the sky is falling snow.The snow is so crystal-clear and beautiful so that me can'tstop myself to love it.At the same time,winter sports will take pelope joy.Especially skating which give

There are four seasons in the year. They're spring, summer, autumn and winter.一年有四个季节.它们是春天,夏天,秋天和冬天.Spring is warm and sunny. In spring days, everything in our nature is green, so we can go out to release ourselves

seasonThe four sasons are different.Spring is a warm season.There are many beautiful flowers.It looks beautiful.Summer is very hot and there are a lot of rain.We eat ice cream in this season.But there is a lot of text.In the cool autumn, farmers will

i think we are lucky that we live in China,because we can try different kinds of climates in one my mind,autumn is my favourite season in a year.autumn is a beautiful season and you can see the fallen leaves on the streets.autumn is a harviest

year has four seasons. Every season has three months. The weather of one season is different from that of any other. The life cycles of plants are controlled by the seasons. The first season is spring. The three months in it are March, April and May.

the four seasons a year has four seasons. every season has three months. the weather of one season is different from that of any other. the life cycles of plants are controlled by the seasons. the first season is spring. the three months in it are march,

你好!There are four seasons in a year . Spring is warm, summer is hot, fall is cool and winter is cold. I like summer. Because I can eat ice-cream. I can go to the gym swim and dive. In the summer, there are many of our favorite holiday, such as: 61

seasonsThere are four seasons in a year.They are spring,summer,autumn and winter.In spring, flowers contend. I can fly a kite.Summer, the scorching sun. I can go swimming or eat ice cream.In autumn, fruits. I can eat the sweet fruit.In winter, Snow

my favorite season my favorite season is summer. it's hot in summer. there is a summer vacation in summer. i don't go to school. i think many children like this season, because they can eat ice-cream and go swimming. i can go swimming.


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