stick to do还是doing

stick to doing sth 坚持做某事 或者stick to sth

stick to doing sth

stick to 后面跟现在分词.例如:He sticks to learning the skill .他坚持学这门手艺.

stick to doing sth

stick to do sth 坚持做某事

都不是stick to sth, 坚持,保有, to 是介词

stick to doing 坚持做某事 to做介词

短语 stick to 中的 to 是介词(prep.)后边要接名词性质的东西,所以接动词时要变为动名词doing. 短语 intend to 中的 to 是动词不定式符号,所以后边要接动词原形,与 to 构成动词不定式. 与 stick to 相似的短语还有:look forward to,be/get/become used/accustomed to,be opposed to,devote oneself to等. 与 intend to 相似的短语还有:attempt to,need to,pretend to,volunteer to,want to等

兄弟 是Stick to doing 吧 坚持做某事


stick to的用法
stick to后面跟什么
make an effort to do
adhere to后面接什么
be equal to doing sth
stick to doing