refer to中文什么意思

refer to 音标百: 英 [r'f] 美 [r'f] 释义:参考;涉及;指的是;适用于 例句:1.Refer to the original, please. 请参看原文.2.Moreover, it lets you refer to another policy via the element. 此外,度它还允许您通过 元素引用另一个策略.3.Jim

词典解释1.提到网络释义1.参考,查阅;涉及,提到;指的是 国家英语四级考试词组(二)动词词组_大学四refer to 参考,查阅;涉及,提到;指的是提到;讲起;有关;涉及;参考;查阅 新九洲考博英语教育培训网 考博英语 考博院refer to 提到;讲起;有关;涉及;参考;查阅http://doc.jiuzhou0013.指向、指涉、指代***金戈驿站***-----英中繁简编程refer to 指向、指涉、指代

一、 referto 的用法 1. 表示“把……提交给……”或“把……委托给……”之意.例如: Tom is going to refer the matter to the meeting. 汤姆打算把这件事提交到会议上去处理. I don't want to refer this patient to an irresponsible doctor. 我不

refer to: vt. 涉及(指的是,提作,参考,适用于)例句与用法:The new law does not refer to land used for farming. 这条新的法律不适用于农用土地. For further particulars, please refer to Chapter Ten. 详情请看第10章. Don't refer to this matter again, please. 请不要再提这件事了

refer to 提到, 谈论,打听;查阅, 参考, 参照; 与关连


refer 英[r'f:(r)] 美[rf] .vi. 提到;针对;关系到;请教 vt. 归因于…;使求助于;送交;认为…起源于 vt.& vi. 参考,查阅 [例句]Methods should be easy to decipher , especially if you refer to the java implementation in listing 1.方法也应该很容易解读,特别是如果你以清单1中的java实现为参考的话

refer to指的是refer only to仅指only是副词修饰动词refer,所以要在一起.

refer to 1.make reference of allusion to;mention谈到;提到*It was unwise in your speech to refer to rising unemployment.你在讲话中谈到失业率上升的情况,这是不明智的.*The veteran fighter referred to his experiences during the Long March.那

参考; 指的是; 涉及; 适用于relate to; touch upon


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focus on
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rather than
carry on
refer to do还是doing
refers to中文什么意思
refer to指的是