the book has done me翻译


吉姆借了我的书还没还给我.翻译为:Jim borrowed my book has not returned to me.

大家好!这是一个有趣的game.Firet ,它需要有人来启动或停止的music.Whowants来的正面和dothis ? Good.Now听carefully.Each你把一本书在您和各行各业都在房间里而音乐播放,当音乐停下来, everyoue必须停止,去单膝跪地,双手提高空

The Lonely Lion第31课孤独的狮子1. What are they doing?1. 它们在干什么?The 他转了一圈又一圈.He does something that a lion has never done before in the forest.他做

她为我做的一切都触动了我的心英语翻译What she has done for me moved my heart.I am moved by everything she has done for me.What she has done for me stirred up my feelings.Everything she has done for me touched my hearts.

we have read this book before

This book has cost me 25 yuan.It takes me 25 yuan to buy this book.I spent 25 yuan on this book.

My father had copyed the front 40 pages of your book,and I will return it tomorrow,then you can go on prefecting .I need a long time to read and comprehend ,so please forgive me that I will read your book very slowly.

I have washed my clothes. 我已经洗了衣服了 He has read the book. 他已经看了那本书 We had learnt 2000 words by the end of this year. 到今年为止 我们已经学了2000个单词 The apples are eaten by me. 那些苹果是我吃的

Mama she has taught me well 妈妈一直在好好教我 Told me when I was young 小时候她对我讲 Son your lifes an open book 孩子 生命如同打开的书页 Dont close it before its done 读完之前 请不要把它合上 The brightest flame burns quickest 最明亮


the book has helped me
as is often the case
the boss of the company
say to oneself
the book has helped me greatly
more efforts as reported
hang on to hope
out of work
nowadays people are more
on sale
john invited about
students should involve
i am looking forward to
the exact time
a ship in harbor is safe
we will reach the sales
please send us all the
ordinary soap correctly